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Ask The Expert: Food That Heals

Ask The Expert: Food That Heals
Priscilla Peck
In the central business district, orderly queues start forming at salad counters as early as at 11.30 am as the office crowd gets ready to da pao their lunch. In the city where gyms and fitness studios are aplenty, executives are supremely conscious about health and appearance, hence the sprouting of innumerable salad and sandwich bars. Into this busy hub, Valerie Teo, founder of eatery, Good Food Heals has joined the fray, bringing a refreshing take to healthful dining.
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Before she launched Good Food Heals, Valerie was a copywriter and TV writer. She was bulimic, suffered Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. Thankfully,  she is now healing, hence her tagline “Let The Healing Begin” as she shares the good news that everyone  can do something to care for their body and well being.
  1. What do you mean by Good Food? As in what differentiates good from not good?
    Natural is always better i.e. food made by the sunshine, rain and the earth. 
    This differentiates from lab-made food that is laden with chemicals that are detrimental to our health – body and mind.
  2. What are the benefits of eating clean, or good food?
    Good Food Heals doesn’t focus on the concept of ‘clean’ food. We promote a High Probiotic lifestyle with the unpasteurized probiotic food we make in-house.
    These are found in our meals that are designed based on our signature nutrition principle, Smart Nutri Combi™. This means that every meal is smartly designed with the best nutrient combinations that help you achieve specific health goals.
    Medhatter-GoodFoodHeals Food
    There are currently 3 health goal categories:
    MUSCLE for protein absorption
    SKIN for beauty and skin detox
    DETOX for overall detox 
  3. How has it benefited you personally? I hear you’ve not been sick with flu, or had a cold for years. What do you attribute your incredibly efficient immune system to? Does it help with weight control?
    This is my 9th year free from cough, flu and fever. Probiotic foods (definitely not just ordinary food) have helped me reverse Irritable Bowel Syndrome and psoriasis.

    It has also helped me restore my menstruation that was absent for 8 years due to severe eating disorder. 
    This happened within a short span of just 3 months on an intensive high probiotic lifestyle. Usually, people take years to restore their menstruation cycle.  
    75-85% of our immune system is in our gut.
    For a healthy gut, you definitely need probiotics for a healthy gut flora. 
    It makes sense that eating high probiotic foods daily help you have a strong immune system.
    Bad gut health means bad nutrient absorption and poor detox functions (digestive issues). This leads to overall long-term weight gain.
  4. The prices from $3.90 for a soup to $12.90 for a bento are attractive. Which of the bentos is the most popular?
    Tokyo Teri Tamago and Kyoto Glow.
  5. How do you make good food taste good? Or does one need to train one’s tastebuds to get accustomed to healthy food?
    We advocate for high probiotic, high plant based, dairy-free, gluten-free, low-acidifying and no bad-cholesterol proteins (egg and seafood). The food is good because of the multi-dimensional flavours nature creates in the fermentation process of our probiotic food.
  6. We are a nation of snackers – what can we snack on that would pass as good food?
    Fruit, nuts, and probiotic foods. Our customers love to snack on the cultured superfoods we offer. Put these in your office pantry and easy-to-reach areas to encourage a healthy snacking habit.
Good Food Heals does islandwide delivery for a minimum purchase of $30. Do check out for more menu information.  Watch this space for the MedHatter team’s bento review!
Good Food Heals:
+65 6532 7121

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