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A Cuppa To Healthier Living

A Cuppa To Healthier Living
Priscilla Peck


In a study funded by the Tea Trade Health Research Association, results showed that black tea reduces plaque formation and polyphenols in it restricts bacteria growth that causes caries and tooth decay. Feeling digestive discomfort? Drink up! Black tea is rich in tannins that have a relaxing effect on the digestive system. 

4. Green Tea

Last but not the least, the most popular tea choice for health nuts, green tea. 



Green tea can improve brain function, making you more alert. The caffeine level isn’t as high as coffee, it generates more stable energy which results in better productivity as compared to coffee’s sudden burst of alertness. 

Green tea is also a good fat burner (hmm, is that the secret behind the trim figures of the Japanese?) as it boosts metabolism. However, before you drink litres of green tea, note that not all studies show the same weight loss results. Ultimately, it’s your genes and diet that will tip the scales. As our friends at the Health Promotion Board will tell you, all the green tea won’t help if you’re stuffing your face with chicken rice and snacks all day.

Other common tea benefits:

  • Stress relief. Teas generally relax and calm the nerves
  • Healthy bones. Tea drinkers appear to have stronger bones and lower probability of developing arthritis. Scientists suspect the flavonoids in tea might have something to do with this.
  • Increased immunity. Tea seemed to help strengthen the body’s immune system against viruses and infections such as stomach flu.

To get the most from your tea, opt for organic brews when possible and cut back on sugar. 

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