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A Cuppa To Healthier Living

A Cuppa To Healthier Living
Priscilla Peck

Tea. Aside from the tea lovers who cannot live without drinking at least 2 cups a day (aka our Medhatter writer Priscilla), many drink tea as a means to cleanse their body of the oil from fried food. But did you know each type of tea brings different kinds of benefits to your body? Edited by Ella Tan. 



Tea falls into basically 4 main types. Take note of each one’s properties if you are serious about drinking for health rather than for quenching thirst.  

1. White Tea

White tea is the least processed tea and the highest in antioxidants. This tea brews a light colour and flavour. 



Not surprisingly, studies show that white tea has the most anticancer properties as it builds up cancer-fighting cells within the body compared to the more processed teas. 

White tea is also shown to lower blood pressure as it thins the blood and improves artery function. This guards the body against possible stroke. By thinning the blood and improving the artery functions, it also protects the heart. Researchers discovered that those who drank at least 2 cups of tea a day are 50% less likely to suffer a heart attack.

2. Oolong Tea

All Chinese people are familiar with this tea that is usually served along with food in Chinese restaurants. 



Oolong tea is especially beneficial for those who have skin allergies or eczema. Studies showed significant improvement in the skin condition of those who drank at least 3 cups a day for a week. For a long-term effect and improvement, keep drinking 3 cups a day for 6 months. 

Oolong tea has also been a prescribed herbal tea for those diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, to supplement the prescription medicines. Oolong tea is believed to help regulate blood sugar levels over the long term. 

3. Black Tea

You know our favourite morning and mid-afternoon brew – the good old teh in various forms (tarek, peng, C, halia, etc)? That’s black tea also dispensed in tea bags as various blends eg English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Masala chai and so on. 

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