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7 Tips for Long Flights

7 Tips for Long Flights
Ella Tan
  • On March 17, 2015

By THADDEUS ANG – While the prospect of going far to visit an unfamiliar destination is totally exciting, getting there can be tedious if you can’t afford the comforts of first or business class. You might arrive feeling jetlagged and exhausted if you’re the type who can’t fall asleep on planes, and even worse, you might pick up a cold in flight. Here’s where being prepared makes all the difference.

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  1. Bring candy


travel - candy

Earache at take-off and landing can be excruciating. Sucking on a mint can ease the pressure in your ears and alleviate possible nausea in case of turbulence. For safety, carry candy that you’re not likely to choke on.


  1. Pack a toiletry bag


travel - toiletry bag

After hours of flying, your mouth will feel stale, your eyes gritty, and face greasy. Freshen up by brushing teeth, washing or toweling your face, and use wet wipes on your underarms plus deodorant if necessary. Be sure to pack travel sized toothpaste, toothbrush, face wash, lip balm, eye drops and comb, so you’ll land looking presentable.


  1. Make yourself comfortable


travel neck pillow

Seasoned travelers advise tucking the airline pillow in the small of your back, blocking out light and movement with a sleep mask, and supporting your head with a neck pillow, so you don’t wake with a cramp.


  1. Stand, stretch and move


travel - stand

Obviously, there are limits to how much stretching and walking you can do without complaints from other passengers. And other than toilet breaks, most of us are reluctant to draw attention to ourselves by hopping around. Do your stretches in the toilet and try the knee and ankle exercises to ensure you do not develop a blood clot in your legs which can lead to deep vein thrombosis and potentially, death. This is especially important for people with conditions that can make their blood clot more easily.

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