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7 New Year resolutions to commit to

| On 30, Jan 2015

While soaking in the festivities, you’re probably pondering changes to make in the coming year. For many, health care is top of the list. Not given health any thought? Well, it’s about time! How about at least one of these asks NAWIRA BAIG?


1. Volunteer

Whether it’s tutoring a child from a low income family or helping out at the animal shelter, there’s plenty you can do to make a difference in our small corner of the world.  Acts of sharing and caring make you feel good and also foster personal  growth because you learn to appreciate what you have while discovering your own strengths. It’s a great platform to meet new people and build friendships.

2. Take up a new sport

Your usual workout leaving you jaded? Pick up a new sport to challenge yourself and go beyond your comfort zone. Besides reaping health benefits, activities such as group sports emphasises teamwork while others help build positive traits like discipline and perseverance.

3. Lose weight

You start with good intentions but you always give up by mid year? Many people don’t achieve this popular resolution because they find it difficult to delay gratification. Set small specific goals and take each day as it comes. But plan ahead for setbacks and surprises like that midnight craving for fudge ice-cream. Try keeping yourself motivated by reading inspiring and healthy weight loss success stories and picture yourself at your goal weight.


4. Spend more quality time with family

How can you spare time for your parents, spouse or children when so many waking hours are spent at work or running chores? It all hinges on good time management. There are plenty of things you can do as a family which doesn’t involve visiting a new mall. Bonding activities can be as simple as preparing a meal together, going for a prata breakfast, or planning mini family expeditions or weekend holidays. Remember, it’s the little things that everyone remembers.

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