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7 great jobs for today

7 great jobs for today
Ella Tan
  • On April 4, 2015

It wasn’t so long ago that telephone operators were needed to manually connect calls or bus conductors to issue paper tickets. Children of today would be amazed by occupations now obsolete but that were plentiful in their grandparents’ youth. With technology and the digital age, jobs disappear even more speedily while new ones emerge. Looking for a second career, or a change of job?Here are 7 jobs that no one could have imagined in the 1990s (except maybe for the yoga instructor).


Social Media Manager

Jobs Social Media

With the increase of social media users, what better way to promote your brand and reach out to potential customers? Asmaa Suleman, a social media manager shares her thoughts “In this era, social media is the new way of communicating. Not only are responses immediate but we are also able to reach out to a wider target audience as well.”



Jobs Isabella

It’s impossible to mention the social media revolution without including bloggers. In the past, the only lives that were documented were those of famous people. Now, we are in touch with the thoughts and everyday activities of people like us, which are more real and easier to relate to.  Blogging has also enabled two-way communication – between the reader and writer. Local blogger, Isabella Lim shares what satisfies her when sharing her stories, “My readers are very thankful for the tips and tricks I share, and many of them e-mail me and also leave comments telling me how inspired they are by my posts! It makes me very happy knowing that I can help motivate more of my readers to study harder and achieve their goals. It also motivates me to blog more, and share of my life experiences with my readers.”


App Developer

jobs apps

Like the Apple slogan, “There’s an app for everything”. They range from health apps that help you monitor your heart rate to games that let you launch strangely colored birds at green pigs, ask anyone with a phone and they’ll tell you how important apps are. We have app developers to thank for continuously inventing new apps and upgrading to ensure that everything is fully functional and we get constant help or entertainment.

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